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Articles tagged Facebook Messenger (29)

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“It’s not simple media literacy. It’s a tough nut to crack.”
Facebook: “Sociopath,” “bipolar,” “uncool uncle,” “midlife crisis.” WhatsApp: “Best friend,” “sociable,” “fun,” “honest.”
“If audio isn’t easily made viral, maybe it can be something else as strong.”
“We don’t know where this could take us. The goal is to find what potential there is as far as reaching our readers and possibly getting some stories out of it.”
“Nós não sabemos onde isso pode nos levar. O objetivo é encontrar o potencial que existe tanto em alcançar nossos leitores como em possivelmente conseguir algumas histórias deles”.
“No sabemos adónde nos llevará. El objetivo es descubrir su potencial para llegar a los lectores y, también, encontrar algunas ideas”.
“Мы не знаем, куда это нас заведет. Наша цель – понять, можем ли мы использовать эту технологию для общения с читателями и, возможно, для поиска идей наших материалов”.