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Facebook promised to remove “sensitive” ads. Here’s what it left behind.
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Once lauded as an early example of the teaching hospital model of journalism education, Mission Local will now fend for itself outside the j-school.
You might think the principal coder behind PolitiFact took naturally to math. You’d be wrong.
The USC professor says that even if you don’t see a big role for digital skills in your career, training in the technologies of the web is essential for all journalism students. Robert Hernandez
“What digital natives can do is make the status quo uncomfortable for professors who won’t change.”
The model is gaining ground in many journalism schools, but two professors argue won’t help future journalists — or the industry they’re entering — adapt to change.
Two journalism professors suggest approaches for training a new generation of journalists for the data-heavy work ahead of them.
An attempt by Wisconsin legislators to evict the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from the University of Wisconsin has some nonprofit news organizations worried.
Engaging more with the rest of the university is one way j-schools can gain relevance.
USC’s Hernandez says students should bypass the normal route and “hijack your school’s assets to selfishly improve your skills.” Robert Hernandez
The USC professor says journalism schools should become “lively centers of campus – and of community – life.”