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With elections looming worldwide, here’s how to identify and investigate AI audio deepfakes
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“All of these are choices that funders make, and they could choose differently if they wanted to.”
“There are haves and have-nots in the nonprofit journalism space. And this isn’t right.”
“People in Massachusetts once had more journalism available; they’ve lost more, they have grieved more; they have hungered for what they had. So, they now have been quick to embrace a rebirth of journalism that matters.”
“We find a really strong connection that they’re able to maintain accountability in these communities.”
The recent boom of local nonprofit news organizations is proving their model can serve smaller markets, too.
“Nobody wants to look back on the work we’ve done and say, ‘God, we were really clueless 50 years ago.’ We want to start every day thinking that we’re as in touch with the community as we possibly can be and reflect their interests and values.”