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Media owners in the crosshairs as Trump craves retribution
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“Comparatively little of the attention around news and AI has focused on its impact on the future economic viability of our industry, and 2024 seems likely to be the year in which this changes.” Richard Tofel
That an AI model was trained on copyrighted material does not make all of the model’s outputs a copyright violation.
Swinging from an $80 billion valuation to an existential crisis, in less time than it takes to rewatch five seasons of “The Wire”? That’s Tronc-level management.
One new AP Stylebook entry cautions journalists to avoid “language that attributes human characteristics to these systems.”
Expect the biggest media companies to use their market power to cut better deals with OpenAI and its peers.
Dystopian, yes — but tools don’t have to be perfect to be useful to journalists.
Some of the funding will go to form a “studio” within the American Journalism Project; the rest will go to about 10 of AJP’s grantees.
“I don’t want to close off experimentation, and we know these tools will evolve.”