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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
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“I see, every week, some example of where the two don’t understand each other. Each of them needs to shift a little bit.”
“I think sometimes we get stuck in an echo chamber of being around each other a little too much. And I think that can hinder some of this work.”
“Demand has gone down for printed newspapers, but the supply chain for providing newspapers in a printed format is collapsing faster than the natural interest in a printed newspaper.”
“If we really want to serve communities that are increasingly tuning us out, increasingly unsubscribing, increasingly looking the other way — my God, we’ve got to go to the communities directly.”
“All of these are choices that funders make, and they could choose differently if they wanted to.”
“There are haves and have-nots in the nonprofit journalism space. And this isn’t right.”
“How are the neediest of newsrooms supposed to trust Press Forward when public and private funders involved have already tried to lock us out? We all have stories.” Amethyst J. Davis
The coalition announced its first six local chapters, and their leading funders, last week.