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PressPad, an attempt to bring some class diversity to posh British journalism, is shutting down
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But roughly half of U.S. counties have only one news outlet or less.
A study of 498 Australians and New Zealanders finds “no evidence that individual beliefs in conspiracy theories increased on average over time.”
Emerging journalists across Europe, North America, and Latin America tell similar stories.
Compared to their counterparts in communities without an election, monthly web traffic to local newspaper websites does not increase as mayoral elections approach.
Plus: How AI exacerbates the news industry’s reliance on Big Tech, how Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter led to “strategic disconnection,” and why journalism educators need to talk more about hostility.
As media grapples with declining advertising revenue, DailyWire+ and Bentkey are betting that loyal, politically engaged subscribers will drive their growth.
Haaretz, an independent daily newspaper, has been publishing since 1919, and has frequently been the target of right-wing administrations.
Until the early 1960s, TV news was seen as a loss leader.
Plus: The “labor” of avoiding news, a study of disagreements between journalists and their bosses about objectivity, and the effects of Trump’s criticisms of Fox News.
“We find a really strong connection that they’re able to maintain accountability in these communities.”