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“Ukraine’s successful strategy in the battle over information demonstrates the connection between armed conflict and information warfare.”
Increasingly isolated, creators are moving to Russian platform alternatives like VK, Yandex Zen, and RuTube.
Many Russians, in light of the Kremlin’s crackdown of independent media, are also turning to the messaging app for information.
A few recent examples of journalistic defiance show that the Kremlin can’t guarantee full control over Russian journalists during the war.
But that could change if people tire of defending against an onslaught of misinformation.
“Military censorship in Russia has quickly moved into a new phase…the threat of criminal prosecution of both journalists and citizens who spread information about military hostilities that is different from the press releases of the Ministry of Defense.”
At the time of its shutdown, TV Rain had at least 80,000 paying subscribers.
The U.S. is “making this information public in a way that is unprecedented.”
From ad monetization to cable carriage, there’s a battle going on over the ways Russia gets its messaging out.
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