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“These dollars are not reaching BIPOC newsrooms”: Tracie Powell and Meredith Clark on funding inequities and local news
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Nov. 14, 2008, 6:35 a.m.

Morning Links: November 14, 2008

— A study claims 1.4 times as many people are reading pirated versions of publishers’ content than are reading the real thing on the original content site. That this “study” was performed by a company that claims to track down said pirates (for a fee) should make you reach for the grain-of-salt shaker.

Do conferences matter any more? It’s certainly a lot harder to schmooze and drink on the corporate tab at a “webinar” (ugh, what a word). But as travel costs rise, technology improves, and budgets shrink, it’s hard to justify the expense of most of the industry conferences journalists go to.

— Lonely Planet does something potentially smart: offering travel bloggers to publish their content on and giving the bloggers some/all of the advertising revenue from that page. It appears they’re focusing on AdWords ads, which work particularly well with travel content. A couple of months ago, a very smart news exec said that travel content is one of the sectors news operations should be expanding, since it’s targeted enough to be comparatively lucrative to sell against.

Help Me Investigate, a current Knight News Challenge contestant, is a spin on the crowdfunding model. Instead of asking the audience to invest money (a la, it asks the audience to invest time — in many ways, a more limited resource.

POSTED     Nov. 14, 2008, 6:35 a.m.
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“These dollars are not reaching BIPOC newsrooms”: Tracie Powell and Meredith Clark on funding inequities and local news
“You say you’re giving more dollars to BIPOC newsrooms? Well, you’re actually giving to intermediaries who are filtering down those dollars to BIPOC newsrooms. But they’re not filtering down enough.”
“Flexicles,” story alert systems, and other ways AI will serve publishers, reporters, and readers
“When our models noticed stocks of companies moving in ways that typically indicate news, our system pinged the relevant beat reporter in Slack so he or she could hit the phones and see what’s going on. It’s a great way to break news.”
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“It is essential — for us all — that the protections afforded to journalists under international law are scrupulously upheld, and those responsible for their deaths are caught and face the consequences.”