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Covid vaccine fact-checks have a problem: Few people are clicking
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July 22, 2009, 6:54 p.m.

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New York Times’ hyperlocal blogs roll out self-service ads at $5 CPM (about half their normal rate) »

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Covid vaccine fact-checks have a problem: Few people are clicking
Fact-checks struggle to compete with disinformation on major social media networks.
The AP’s handling of Emily Wilder is just the latest example of journalism’s longstanding weakness against partisans who cry bias
It’s like kryptonite for responsible news organizations: the stronger their piety to journalistic ethics and the ideal of objectivity, the more vulnerable they are to accusations made in bad faith.
A packed set of Apple announcements could have big impacts on news publishers — for good and for ill
The news alerts you send to iPhones might be about to disappear from your users’ screens. The bedrock metric of the newsletter business just got murdered. (But there’s good news, too.)