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Ignore the coming election bump
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Oct. 30, 2009, 9:59 a.m.

Links on Twitter: Politico’s co-founder on paid content, microsite for NY Times multimedia, Huffington Post’s first uses of Twitter lists

“Trust me, people, you’re going to be paying for content,” says Politico co-founder Jim Vandehei »

Always worth remembering the Bloomberg terminal is also a social network for Wall Street »

Oh, hey, it’s a site — for advertisers, but we can look, too — with all the New York Times’ cool multimedia »

Pet Holdings, which profits off digital content (albeit LOLcats), makes a third of its revenue from books »

This is great: Huff Post’s guide to the World Series on Twitter Healthcare: (HT @ckanal»

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Ignore the coming election bump
“When internet users do not engage with news, it is not because they can’t engage with it. It is because they do not find it worth their while.”
Experts — not influencers — will cover more Black news
“Misinformation is the new norm, Black culture is the American mainstream, and we, like any other community, are owed a chance of knowing the truth.”
A major sports betting journalism scandal is coming
“The same way Donald Trump’s candidacy is a test for the norms and practices of American political journalists, legalized sports gambling is a test for the norms and practices of sports journalists.”