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Solidarity eclipses objectivity as journalism’s dominant ideal
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Nov. 19, 2009, 5:50 p.m.

Links on Twitter: MSNBC may develop EveryBlock independently, what happens when breaks, Techmeme adds more humans

MSNBC may develop EveryBlock, the local-info aggregator, on its own instead of folding it into »

Intelligent failure: “What Happens When Stuff Breaks On” »

Congrats to MinnPost on raising $18,000 yesterday. Key: They’ve partnered with a statewide “giving portal” »

New York Times is ditching Times Extra, which nobody used, and rethinking the best way to link out »

Techmeme, the invaluable tech-news aggregator, adds three more human editors, doubling its staff »

How the news summaries Richard Nixon received from his staff of aggregators affected his presidency »

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Solidarity eclipses objectivity as journalism’s dominant ideal
“Objectivity as an aspirational ideal ends up encouraging journalists to avoid addressing what matters.”
Nonprofit journalism finally builds scale
“Nonprofit news has created meaningful new reporting capacity for American journalism, but its long-term success and impact depend upon it becoming a much larger and smarter business.”
Global cynicism about democracy will expose media to attack
“China’s and Russia’s global influence operations won’t need to resort to fake news to exploit the genuine dysfunctions in the American system.”