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The New York Times now allows subscribers to “gift” articles to non-subscribers
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Dec. 17, 2009, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Facebook’s changing demographics, Pandora adding 600k users per week, Time-lapse video of big day on

A study finds around 70% of newspaper Twitter feeds are updated manually. via @chanders »

Time-lapse videos show the flow of traffic to on the day of Michael Jackson’s death »

Online music service Pandora is adding 600,000 new registered users per week. And it’s making money. »

Is “top and to the left” the new “above the fold”? Google’s Browser Size tool suggests that’s the case. »

A Facebook study finds 11% of U.S. users are African-American, 9% are Latino, 6% are Asian. »

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The New York Times now allows subscribers to “gift” articles to non-subscribers
The gifted articles won’t count towards the limited number of articles that non-subscribers can click before hitting a paywall and recipients have 14 days to read ’em.
Alden Global Capital and Tribune’s board are dancing at the edge of the law
Tribune board members acted in their own interests, not their newspaper chain’s, while Alden failed to disclose a secret investor meeting and misrepresented its cash position.
Two continents, two political systems — and two attempts to change how online media gets regulated
The U.K. wants to regulate Netflix and other streaming services the same way it does British TV networks — including punishments for “bias” and “inaccuracy.” Meanwhile, Nigeria wants to do something similar, but in a more authoritarian context.