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“Flexicles,” story alert systems, and other ways AI will serve publishers, reporters, and readers
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Feb. 3, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links of Twitter: NBC to monitor ad viewing across screens, Murdoch says News Corp on ‘cusp of a digital dynasty,’ paywall tech firm keeps expectations low

Emerging provider of paywall technology warns clients profitability will not be fast. Their service fee is 20% »

Hurry, Taylor deadline for “fairness” in newspaper reporting is this Friday. Grand prize: $10K »

When an ad loads before a video plays on a newspaper or magazine site, 25% of viewers click away »

Murdoch: News Corp is on the “cusp a digital dynasty,” after posting better-than-expected earnings »

NBC wants to show you more ads on more screens. It plans to track 40 users across devices during the Olympics. »

For magazines, “less worse” is the new trend. Major pubs expect single, rather than double digit declines »

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“Flexicles,” story alert systems, and other ways AI will serve publishers, reporters, and readers
“When our models noticed stocks of companies moving in ways that typically indicate news, our system pinged the relevant beat reporter in Slack so he or she could hit the phones and see what’s going on. It’s a great way to break news.”
Evidence suggests Russia has been deliberately targeting journalists in Ukraine — a war crime
“It is essential — for us all — that the protections afforded to journalists under international law are scrupulously upheld, and those responsible for their deaths are caught and face the consequences.”
A paywall? Not NPR’s style. A new pop-up asks for donations anyway
“I find it counterproductive to take a cynical view on tactics that help keep high-quality journalism freely accessible to all Americans.”