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Way back in 1989, USA Today launched an online sports service. I found it at Goodwill
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Feb. 3, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links of Twitter: NBC to monitor ad viewing across screens, Murdoch says News Corp on ‘cusp of a digital dynasty,’ paywall tech firm keeps expectations low

Emerging provider of paywall technology warns clients profitability will not be fast. Their service fee is 20% »

Hurry, Taylor deadline for “fairness” in newspaper reporting is this Friday. Grand prize: $10K »

When an ad loads before a video plays on a newspaper or magazine site, 25% of viewers click away »

Murdoch: News Corp is on the “cusp a digital dynasty,” after posting better-than-expected earnings »

NBC wants to show you more ads on more screens. It plans to track 40 users across devices during the Olympics. »

For magazines, “less worse” is the new trend. Major pubs expect single, rather than double digit declines »

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Way back in 1989, USA Today launched an online sports service. I found it at Goodwill
USA Today Sports Center is a time capsule from a period in which a newspaper could convince people to pay five bucks an hour to log onto their service during the big game.
Pageviews, assemble! Why there’s no escaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe online
In 2022, few pop-culture brands move the needle, so newspaper blue-bloods and recipe sites alike rally around Marvel Cinematic Universe content as their last stand.
Researchers ask: Does enforcing civility stifle online debate?
Some social scientists argue that civility is a poor metric by which to judge the quality of an online debate.