Nieman Foundation at Harvard
“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
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March 15, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: visual journalism, revamping Digg, Super Swarm in Austin

Just launched: @NiemanReports‘ fantastic Spring 2010 issue, exploring visual journalism »

Of the 35,000 companies that build iPhone apps, 7,000 (20%) launched specifically for the iPhone platform »

A link on Wikipedia’s main page pushes a 20-year-old Time article onto the site’s most-read list (via @simonowens»

What’s better: a wall of iPads or one diamond-encrusted Apple beauty? (via @redirectny»

Here’s Twitter’s announcement of the new @anywhere platform »

Conde Nast experiments with funding streams. Teen Vogue readers can pay for beauty consultation with magazine staffers »

Apple sells an estimated 152,000 iPads in three days of pre-ordering »

Facebook will open an office in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad (also home to Google, Microsoft offices) »

ABC News is hiring digital journalists who can produce, write and edit their own work for on-air and online »

Digg CEO Jay Adelson discusses the site’s extensive (and five-years-in-the-making) overhaul »

Hybrid displays: Elle partners with California mag in an attempt to leverage regional ad markets »

Super Swarm, SXSW edition: Foursquare hits a record-breaking 347,000 check-ins in a single day »

Good morning! Pew finds growth, unbundling, power shifts in its 2010 State of the News Media report

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“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
“This is truly a jointly owned responsibility among the business side and editorial.”
What’s with the rise of “fact-based journalism”?
“To describe one form of journalism as ‘fact-based’ is to tacitly acknowledge that there is also such a thing as ‘non-fact-based journalism.’ And there isn’t.”
Britney Spears and the generational shift in celebrity coverage
“There was just this nastiness that emerged in the way celebrities were covered in the 2000s.”