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FTC: Let digital subscribers click to cancel. Newspapers: Hey, not so fast.
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June 8, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Foursquare goes VIP,’ Community Centered Advertising boosts engagement, launches new tech vertical

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Next stop for @foursquare: VIP membership? The platform experiments with “badge rewards” »

“The numbers don’t lie”: @Spotus engagement stats “went up drastically” after Community Centered Advertising launch »

One sure-fire path to community engagement: free food. If you’re a DC blogger, tomorrow’s lunch is on @TBDDC »

Wired’s iPad app on track to beat newsstand sales of the print mag this month, says @chr1sa »

Big congrats to the 2010-2011 @berkmancenter fellows! » launches new technology section filled with content from @Wired, @CNET, and especially @Mashable »

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FTC: Let digital subscribers click to cancel. Newspapers: Hey, not so fast.
A look around the internet suggests the FTC hasn’t scared news orgs into immediately changing the options they offer online.
How researchers used decades of Wall Street Journal articles to predict stock market returns
Based on an analysis of 763,887 Wall Street Journal articles published from 1984 to 2017, researchers found that news coverage of particular topics predicts 25% of average fluctuations in stock market returns.
Project Veritas and the mainstream media are strange allies in the fight to protect press freedom
If the government narrowly defines “the press” based on its political outlook or ethics, then no news organization is safe from attacks by future administrations.