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What do we want? Unbiased reporting! When do we want it? During protests!
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June 9, 2010, 5:55 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Google launches Caffeine, CNN teams up with Foursquare, Yahoo still snapping up bloggers

Yahoo is still snapping up bloggers. This time it’s Movieline columnist and Defamer founder Mark Lisanti »

Clay Shirky: “… if you’re in a group of people who make things, you’re in a group of optimists” »

The hype cycle comes full circle, or, the New York Review of Books reviews the iPad (via @carr2n) »

Why The Week has grown as other mags decline: lessons worth hearing again »

Meet the [sweet, shy, sort of baffled] guys behind Pulse »

“We want to display links in a way that…lets you know where a link will take you” »

Which news orgs have begun using to raise money? »

Oh, YES: Instapaper for video is here »

“Exploring the real world”…via TV: CNN teams up with Foursquare for World Cup badges »

Google launches Caffeine, the new index providing “50% fresher results for web searches” »

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What do we want? Unbiased reporting! When do we want it? During protests!
Not all protests get treated equally. Stories about women’s marches and anti-Trump protests give more voice to the protesters than those about Black Lives Matter and other anti-racism protests.
Instagram is busy fact-checking memes and rainbow hills while leaving political lies alone
Plus: Emphasizing a publisher’s name on social doesn’t seem to impact readers’ misinfo radar much one way or the other.
Is this video “missing context,” “transformed,” or “edited”? This effort wants to standardize how we categorize visual misinformation
MediaReview wants to turn the mishmash vocabulary around manipulated photos and video into something structured.