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A paywall? Not NPR’s style. A new pop-up asks for donations anyway
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July 16, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Gannett and Yahoo strike local ad partnership, Google acquires Metaweb, Hawthorne Labs wants to personalize your paper

Because it is Friday: check out the trailer for "The Other Social Network," the Hollywood treatment of…MySpace »

So this is exciting: Google acquires the semantic search company Metaweb »

Are you Shakespeare or Shelley? The Awl interviews I Write Like creator »

"Their lofty ambition is to…build a genuine Newspaper of the Future™" »

.@comscore launches updated version of its online video measurement service »

Can blog networks make money? More efforts test the waters »

Gannett and Yahoo strike local ad partnership »

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A paywall? Not NPR’s style. A new pop-up asks for donations anyway
“I find it counterproductive to take a cynical view on tactics that help keep high-quality journalism freely accessible to all Americans.”
The story of InterNation, (maybe) the world’s first investigative journalism network
Long before the Panama Papers and other high-profile international projects, a global network of investigative journalists collaborated over snail mail.
Want to boost local news subscriptions? Giving your readers a say in story ideas can help
“By providing a service that answers questions posed by audience members, audiences are more likely to reciprocate through subscriptions.”