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What I learned in my second year on Substack
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July 16, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Gannett and Yahoo strike local ad partnership, Google acquires Metaweb, Hawthorne Labs wants to personalize your paper

Because it is Friday: check out the trailer for "The Other Social Network," the Hollywood treatment of…MySpace »

So this is exciting: Google acquires the semantic search company Metaweb »

Are you Shakespeare or Shelley? The Awl interviews I Write Like creator »

"Their lofty ambition is to…build a genuine Newspaper of the Future™" »

.@comscore launches updated version of its online video measurement service »

Can blog networks make money? More efforts test the waters »

Gannett and Yahoo strike local ad partnership »

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What I learned in my second year on Substack
“I truly wish every reporter could have the experience of getting a raise on the same day they produced something of value to their readers.”
U.S. politicians tweet much more misinformation than those in the U.K. and Germany
“We also found systematic differences between the parties in the U.S., where Republican politicians were found to share untrustworthy websites more than nine times as often as Democratic politicians.”
“You don’t know which side is playing you”: The authors of Meme Wars have some advice for journalists
“The media treating Twitter like an assignment editor is one of the fundamental errors that enabled meme warriors to play everyone.”