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He’ll keep the blue check, though: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down
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Nov. 9, 2010, 3:26 p.m.

Popular on Twitter: Mark Luckie held at ransom, Deal Book is new and improved, Shirky on paywalls

[Early every afternoon Eastern time, we’ll be highlighting the most-talked-about links in the future-of-news corner of Twitter. What are news nerds buzzing about? Here are today’s top 10, gathered via The Hourly Press. It’s like being on Twitter all day, without actually having to be on Twitter all day. —Josh]

  • Clay Shirky on newsletters and paywall economics
  • Holding the powerful accountable through Q&A
  • Northwestern’s Medill is going on a hiring bender
  • Protected speech and criticizing your boss
  • The wholesaling vs. retailing worlds of nonprofit news
  • WaPo promotes its iPad app with newsroom stars
  • Join Columbia for an all-star media panel
  • NYT’s DealBook is new, improved and very cool
  • Mark Luckie is held at ransom
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    He’ll keep the blue check, though: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down
    His replacement, CTO Parag Agrawal, had only tweeted 10 times in 2021 before today.
    Now nonprofit, The Salt Lake Tribune has achieved something rare for a local newspaper: financial sustainability
    The Salt Lake Tribune’s transition to nonprofit status has been closely watched in the news industry. “The opportunity for us to prove that this can work is significant and so is the responsibility.”
    Address — don’t sidestep — health misinformation to debunk falsehoods, study finds
    “Don’t be afraid to tackle misinformation head on. It’s important that people speak out, and you can repeat [misinformation] and then debunk it.”