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Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom
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Dec. 13, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: A Gawker-hack widget, the myth of broadband, YouTube launches Trends

“The Tricks of Planet Money”: invaluable advice for crafting narrative in any form (via @jebsharp»

Breaking out production and distribution: an argument for a double-sided social media strategy »

How @guardiannews created its “personnel killed in Afghanistan” interactive–using JavaScript and HTML instead of Flash »

Very exciting: @berkmancenter announces its Digital Public Library Planning Initiative »

FCC: 68% of US “broadband” connections aren’t actually broadband (via @c4fcm) »

News Corp. COO on investment in ed-tech companies: education “is really ripe for a disruptive technology” »

Service-y! @Slate‘s new widget lets you check whether your @Gawker password’s been hacked »

“So Groupon is a real company. But it seems unlikely that it’s going to become a revolutionary company.” »

Great discussion about Google and the idea of “search neutrality” (via @mathewi) »

Calling all @nickkristof fans: Applications are open for the next “Win a Trip with Nick” contest »

.@nicknotned takes to Gawker’s comments section to apologize for, and explain, GM’s security breach (via @brianstelter) »

A “Digital Public Library of America”: Robert Darnton on the past, and the future, of the book »

Is your Gawker password “password”? Here’s @fmanjoo‘s advice for hack-proofing your info »

Wow. Only 18% of people surveyed in a Forrester study say they read blogs »

Meet YouTube Trends, “a destination for daily insight into the zeitgeist of the world’s largest video site” »

Here’s a great wrap-up of this weekend’s #pdfleaks conference, from @Mlsif »

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Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom
“How do you produce journalism that strengthens elections? That’s the question that runs through my mind every day.”
Hype is a weaponized form of optimism
Want to know the true value of AI, NFTs, and other much-touted technologies? Ignore the news and look at the harsh judgment of the market.
For print newspapers, one Florida retirement community is a better market than Atlanta, St. Louis, or Portland
For local newspapers, print circulation has collapsed for every audience except retirees. That’s why the daily paper in The Villages, Florida (metro population 129,752) prints as many copies as the one in Atlanta (metro population 6,930,423).