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The Garrison Project wants to bridge the gap between national and local criminal justice reporting
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Dec. 10, 2010, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Google’s new notebook doubles down on the web, 100 million new users join Twitter, Editor & Publisher tears down its paywall

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In October 2010, nearly 40% of all display ads in the UK were placed on social networking sites »

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The Garrison Project wants to bridge the gap between national and local criminal justice reporting
“The story is less at [the U.S. Department of Justice] than with sheriffs and prosecutors at the local level, mostly the county level.” But how do you tell that story when local news is in decline?
Journalists are burned out. Some newsrooms are fighting back.
Keeping reporters healthy over the long term often requires both systemic and behavioral changes, and getting buy-in often isn’t easy.
Disinformation often gets blamed for swaying elections, but the research isn’t so clear
“Our belief in free will is ultimately a reason so many of us back democracy in the first place. Denying it can arguably be more damaging than a few fake news posts lurking on social media.”