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“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
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Jan. 6, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Six months of The Upshot, an annotated guide to the Constitution, a Rock Band-filled summer internship

Nick Clegg, calling British libel laws “an international laughing stock,” promises major reforms (via @CJR) »

Want to spend this summer with the awesome folks at @berkmancenter? Trust us, you probably do. »

In NNA’s survey of news consumers in small communities, 78% said they read most or all of their local paper »

2,700 blog posts, 450 million pageviews: @agolis on The Upshot’s first 6 months »

Forbes tracks print ad effectiveness by following online habits »

As Congress reads on, NYTimes offers a handy annotated guide to the Constitution »

Tribune is readying Mosaic, a news reading app for Microsoft tablets »

Company says it can predict a story’s performance 15 minutes into the future »

Cosmo prepares to publish in the Middle East. So many questions »

Slate now more savable through iPad app (also with Instapaper support!) »

In the whodunnit of the death of newspapers, Google News says “it’s not us” »

Is Netflix Streaming the gateway drug to Internet TV? »

One take on the just-launched Mac app store: “It’s the beginning of the death of packaged software” »

Under Newsweek’s new publisher, the mag’s ad sales staff will merge with The Daily Beast’s »

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“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
What’s with the rise of “fact-based journalism”?
“To describe one form of journalism as ‘fact-based’ is to tacitly acknowledge that there is also such a thing as ‘non-fact-based journalism.’ And there isn’t.”
Britney Spears and the generational shift in celebrity coverage
“There was just this nastiness that emerged in the way celebrities were covered in the 2000s.”