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This is what it’s like to be a media company’s first-ever online safety editor
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Jan. 5, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Slate’s Trending News Channel, AOL goes to “town” and Colonel Tribune on Twitter and his moustache

So why does #YourMadeUpHashtag fail? Learn The Art of the Hashtag »

Citizen journalism filling in the gaps where other news falls short in South Africa »

In reorganizing AOL is grouping into "towns" based on subjects. Will there be a funky town or Cougar town? »

Quite possibly the most awesome presentation ever made with Google Docs »

It had to happen eventually: Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue goes 3D. Teenage boys rejoice »

10 lessons for the future of news from women in the media, including our own @megangarber »

In a rare interview @ColonelTribune says he deals with Twitter the way he deals with his moustache »

Paywall U: Oklahoma college newspaper to start charging outsiders for site access »

Worth considering: 228 million mobile phones in US, 31 % of subscribers on smartphones, Nielsen says »

"You Decide, We Report," meet Slate’s crowdsourced webcast, the Trending News Channel »

"Blog posts often age into something more substantial than they are at their conception" »

Non-profit online news site St. Louis Beacon receives $1.25 million gift from Danforth Foundation »

Amazon’s Android app store, launching later this year, is now open to developers »

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This is what it’s like to be a media company’s first-ever online safety editor
“What’s really struck me is the variety of issues I’ve seen reported in recent weeks. Not one of them has been the same.”
Fact-checking may be important, but it won’t help Americans learn to disagree better
“The more that a study looked like the real world, the less fact-checking changed participants’ minds.”
Can U.S. journalism truly serve global audiences? Not if it treats them like an afterthought
What would a truly global media company look like?