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The future of local news is “civic information” — not “declining legacy systems,” new report says
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Jan. 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Social media in Egypt, the NYT’s ebook, Lakoff on the future of context

How journos are using social media to report on Egypt »

Facebook is planning to launch a third-party commenting system "in a matter of weeks" »

RT @mathewi: has a look at Tor, the anonymization project whose lead developer/advocate is @ioerror: »

The story has 1,000 faces: Compare this Kristof dispatch to this one »

Explanatory journalism, says linguist George Lakoff, should "decode the moral frameworks" embedded in language »

PSA: TPM is hiring a developer/designer »

"The Fast Fix," WaPo’s 60-second daily video update, has on some days exceeded 1 million views »

.@Jxpaton on transforming Journal Register: "Our horse is dying; we have to get a new horse." »

Android has become the world’s leading smartphone platform »

@jayrosen_nyu Fascinating. It’d make sense from several angles: "mutualized reporting," only applied to context. (Mutualized explaining?) »

Ongo, says @filloux, is "too much of an automated aggregator as opposed to an edited news product" »

Good morning! The NYT’s ebook on WikiLeaks goes on sale today »

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The future of local news is “civic information” — not “declining legacy systems,” new report says
“In this vision, the community librarian facilitating conversations around authoritative, trusted digital news is as celebrated as the dogged reporter pursuing a scoop.”
Is text-generating AI an industry killer or just another wave of hype?
“There can potentially be massive shifts, benefits, and risks in many industries, but I cannot see a scenario where this is a ‘sky is falling’ kind of issue.”
Meet the first-ever accessibility engineer at The Washington Post
“It is definitely stressful to be the first in this new role. I feel deep down like I need to justify its creation with every step that I take.”