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Jan. 31, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Social media in Egypt, the NYT’s ebook, Lakoff on the future of context

How journos are using social media to report on Egypt »

Facebook is planning to launch a third-party commenting system "in a matter of weeks" »

RT @mathewi: has a look at Tor, the anonymization project whose lead developer/advocate is @ioerror: »

The story has 1,000 faces: Compare this Kristof dispatch to this one »

Explanatory journalism, says linguist George Lakoff, should "decode the moral frameworks" embedded in language »

PSA: TPM is hiring a developer/designer »

"The Fast Fix," WaPo’s 60-second daily video update, has on some days exceeded 1 million views »

.@Jxpaton on transforming Journal Register: "Our horse is dying; we have to get a new horse." »

Android has become the world’s leading smartphone platform »

@jayrosen_nyu Fascinating. It’d make sense from several angles: "mutualized reporting," only applied to context. (Mutualized explaining?) »

Ongo, says @filloux, is "too much of an automated aggregator as opposed to an edited news product" »

Good morning! The NYT’s ebook on WikiLeaks goes on sale today »

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The Kansas City Defender is a nonprofit news site for young Black audiences across the Midwest
“We do advocate against the racist function of policing, [but] we focus equally on being present in the community, doing poetry nights, basketball park takeovers, and other community-building, life-affirming activities.”
Cable news has a much bigger effect on America’s polarization than social media, study finds
“Compared to online audiences, partisan TV news consumers tend not to stray too far from their narrow sets of preferred news sources.”
Doing a little word puzzle as the world burns
“I started playing word games as a way to stop reading the news first thing in the morning.”