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Here’s how 13 news outlets are using LinkedIn newsletters
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Jan. 12, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Time-shifted reading, AP and Fairey make nice, two words Microsoft doesn’t want Apple to own

"What I am saying is that if we don’t reflect our communities—both on- and off-line—we’re doomed." »

One effect of the move to mobile: time-shifted reading (via @jennydeluxe) »

"Digital journalism is different, and the real opportunity is in thinking about how it’s different" »

What do y’all think? Is Twitter really full of regional accents? »

.@AP and Shepard Fairey reach a settlement in the Obama poster case »

PSA for Boston folks: The Globe’s hiring for tons of digital positions, including social media producer »

Jon Stewart is kind of excited about the Verizon iPhone »

How to shut up people who are boring you on Twitter—without shutting them off »

Microsoft wants to claim the term “App Store” for its own »

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Here’s how 13 news outlets are using LinkedIn newsletters
“While you’re less at the whim of the algorithm, it’s still social media.”
Forget the link tax. Focus on one key metric to “save local news”
“You need Google to stay in this. Otherwise, it devastates the entire industry.”
So who are the consistent news avoiders?
“No single variable is more predictive of whether someone consistently avoids news than their level of interest in politics and civic affairs.”