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Wondering how The Salt Lake Tribune got 501(c)(3) status? Here’s their entire application to the IRS — and the IRS’s response
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Feb. 15, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Measuring wordquakes on blogs, Apple’s subscription plan drops and using Xtranormal for news

How Stroome, the collaborative online video platform, was used in Egypt »

Want to see Apple’s new subscription plan in action? Popular Science’s iPad app has it: »

Tom Curley on AP’s News Licensing Group: "We’re not trying to be journalism’s cop" »

CNN plans to recognize the best user-submitted stories in the first iReport Awards »

Students from Emerson and Northeastern will write for "Your Town" site »

Could the share article buttons on stories have implications for copyright law? »

"Twitter deserves credit for allowing the development of a novel form of journalistic storytelling" »

.@Mjenkins used Xtranormal to illustrate a story for TBD with excellent results »

You retweet us! Survey finds traditional media is behind a lot of trending topics on Twitter »

Journalist utility belt alert! A telephoto lens for your iPhone camera »

Sports Illustrated drops print-only subscription, offer "all access" combo that only includes Android »

"With commoditized news, the lifespan of scoops is now so short that they don’t matter" »

Good news for people who liked the Gawker redesign! There’s a cloned WordPress theme called Qawker »

How do you measure the impact of wordquakes on blogs? Yes, wordquakes. »

Outbrain, makers of the engine that suggests stories on many websites, is planning to expand »

Apple reveals subscription plan: Publishers who want to sell subs also have to double down in iTunes store »

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Wondering how The Salt Lake Tribune got 501(c)(3) status? Here’s their entire application to the IRS — and the IRS’s response
Attention, local newspaper owners: This is now a proven, IRS-approved path to convert your money-losing daily into a community nonprofit. Give it some thought.
Newsonomics: With its merger approved, the new Gannett readies the cost-cutting knife
What was once expected to be $200 million in annual cost savings has now grown to $400 million or more. But how much blood is left to be drawn from this stone?
Facebook’s intentions may not be pure, but its money is real: How publishers made the most of its membership accelerator
“For some [publishers], this program will be a way to get a check. Some of them are going to pick up some ideas and tips and that’s the end of it. For some of them, it’s truly transformational in how they operate.”