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“The news feeds do not sag”: A look at Ukraine’s local news landscape, more than a year into the war
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Feb. 7, 2011, 6 p.m.

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“The news feeds do not sag”: A look at Ukraine’s local news landscape, more than a year into the war
Most of the publishers surveyed now view “external migrants” — Ukrainians who’ve left the country — as their target audience.
Uncovering Karachi: How journalists use maps and data to investigate problems in a modern metropolis
“The absence of data, either it paralyzes you or you become more curious.”
How a titan of 20th-century journalism transformed the AP — and the news
“If one man fails to file a story of a millionairess marrying a poor factory hand because that man understands such a story is not properly A.P. stuff, such an error of news judgment ought to be generally made known to other employees.”