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March 7, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: A reward from Lifehacker, a social network-y show for AJE, the business side of redesign

Lifehacker’s offering $2,000 to the first person who solves a CSS problem that has them stumped »

Fantastic resource: 13 free tools that can be used for data journalism »

PSA: The Knight News Innovation Lab is looking for an Executive Director »

Skype’s set to start running ads »

.@khoi on the NYT Mag redesign: "more important than the speed of medium is the nimbleness of the business behind it" »

A former AP reporter nears profit after starting a paper from scratch (via @10000words) »

WSJ editors focus on free content when deciding what to share on social media, @zseward tells @mayerjoy »

Netflix "has emerged at the center of a titanic clash over the future of television" »

NPR, Schiller says, is going to create a standards editor position to "be yet another critical check in our process" »

Pop quiz! Know what a pilcrow is? »

Want to hone your follow-the-money skills? Apply for this fantastic (and free!) NECIR workshop »

Eric Schmidt: "For me, there’s no better place to get accurate, fresh information…than a newspaper." »

TechCrunch isn’t sure whether it’ll stick with Facebook Comments. They’ve silenced the trolls, but… »

"In a feat of nearly real-time publishing," a book’s set to publish tweets from the Egypt uprising »

Assume good faith; be accountable; practice aikido—and other @mthomps tips on improving online conversations: »

.@felixsalmon: The FT’s paywall turns it into, basically, an online newsletter »

"APIs can make it easier to act on that greatest of questions: What if?" »

Good morning! AJE’s social media-focused TV show is set to debut in May »

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The Kansas City Defender is a nonprofit news site for young Black audiences across the Midwest
“We do advocate against the racist function of policing, [but] we focus equally on being present in the community, doing poetry nights, basketball park takeovers, and other community-building, life-affirming activities.”
Cable news has a much bigger effect on America’s polarization than social media, study finds
“Compared to online audiences, partisan TV news consumers tend not to stray too far from their narrow sets of preferred news sources.”
Doing a little word puzzle as the world burns
“I started playing word games as a way to stop reading the news first thing in the morning.”