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Solidarity eclipses objectivity as journalism’s dominant ideal
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March 29, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Al Jazeera English introduces The Stream, Brady goes to JRC and making a better FAQ

How BBC journalists try to meet the ethics and challenges of user-submitted content »

The Washington Post is tapping Foursquare to plumb the depths of DC’s love of cherry blossoms » and lessons on crowdfunding to support photography »

Different Times: The Times (UK) says they have 79,000 digital-only subscriptions a month »

"I know that we can and will do scratch on our (i)pad app.So far, though, sniff is a problem." »

Al Jazeera English wants to connect less-reported stories and communities to the world with The Stream »

PSA: BBC America is looking for a social media producer »

"Well, it’s too touchy. Even though I’m better with it now." A mom’s review of the iPad »

NYU’s Studio 20 Explainr offers journalists a guide for FAQs and "Making One That Doesn’t Suck" »

The Guardian is expanding into the US and may partner with OpenLeaks »

Discussion: The NYT reportedly spent $40M on the pay plan. What if they invested in start-ups instead? »

The Geico Gecko meets The AOL Way: Are display advertisers too obsessed with click-through rates? »

While helping disaster relief in Japan, crowdsourcing maps for humanitarian work still has a way to go »

Journal Register adds Jim Brady to team, will head up "Project Thunderdome" engagement initiative »

The Tribeca Film Institute is awarding over $1M for interactive storytelling projects »

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Solidarity eclipses objectivity as journalism’s dominant ideal
“Objectivity as an aspirational ideal ends up encouraging journalists to avoid addressing what matters.”
Nonprofit journalism finally builds scale
“Nonprofit news has created meaningful new reporting capacity for American journalism, but its long-term success and impact depend upon it becoming a much larger and smarter business.”
Global cynicism about democracy will expose media to attack
“China’s and Russia’s global influence operations won’t need to resort to fake news to exploit the genuine dysfunctions in the American system.”