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What’s with the rise of “fact-based journalism”?
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March 30, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Google +1-ups Facebook, blogger cries plagiarism over tiny giraffes

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The NY Times pay model is a step toward NPR’s (and don’t call it a paywall!) »

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RT @lisannette: The surreal life of a journalist in Libya: 3 am pressers, trips to nowhere, sedatives in their food »

Blogger says New York paper ripped off his article about tiny giraffes, then taunted him »

@paidContent names the top 50 digital media companies. (Farmville is doing a lot better than the NYT.) »

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What’s with the rise of “fact-based journalism”?
“To describe one form of journalism as ‘fact-based’ is to tacitly acknowledge that there is also such a thing as ‘non-fact-based journalism.’ And there isn’t.”
Britney Spears and the generational shift in celebrity coverage
“There was just this nastiness that emerged in the way celebrities were covered in the 2000s.”
How to b-e-e of use: Signal Cleveland hosts second annual community spelling contest
“Listening is great, and talking to community members is great, but we also have to figure out how to be of use.”