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Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom
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March 18, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: NYT journos in Libya to be released, holes in a paywall, taking down a botnet

Microsoft takes down a botnet, reducing worldwide spam by 39% (via @jacqui) »

Want to hear and/or heckle folks from the Lab at #ONA11? Here are our sessions »

.@craignewmark on how technology can be a force for good »

The MIT Media Lab’s individually customizable new logo has 40,000 permutations »

.@lavrusik: Readers who come through social "are far different in their behaviors" than those who come from search »

LAT creates an online community centered around public records (via @romenesko) »

Recommended: @BGrueskin, former head of WSJ Online, shares his thoughts on the NYT pay scheme »

RT @palafo: @NiemanLab No jumping required. It is not a wall. We just ask that people use the designated entrances like @nytimes on Twitter. »

The NYT’s Paul Krugman tells his readers how to jump the NYT paywall »

NYT expects that paywall jumpers will be "a small, small number of people" »

RT @PDColford: Great news! RT @NYTPRGUY: Missing NYT reporters found and to be released on Friday, NYT reports. »

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Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom
“How do you produce journalism that strengthens elections? That’s the question that runs through my mind every day.”
Hype is a weaponized form of optimism
Want to know the true value of AI, NFTs, and other much-touted technologies? Ignore the news and look at the harsh judgment of the market.
For print newspapers, one Florida retirement community is a better market than Atlanta, St. Louis, or Portland
For local newspapers, print circulation has collapsed for every audience except retirees. That’s why the daily paper in The Villages, Florida (metro population 129,752) prints as many copies as the one in Atlanta (metro population 6,930,423).