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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
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April 11, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Time consuming media rises, New Yorker puts a Like wall around Franzen and Free Darko goes dark

"People who work at NPR perceive me as internal affairs and people outside of NPR perceive me as a shill for NPR" »

Thoughts and tips on when (and when not) to link in stories »

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More hires at Frontline as the show beefs up its journalism and prepares for a post-broadcast future »

"Revolutions and movements either burn out, go underground, or fade into what’s next" »

Online dating not popular with NPR listeners under 34. Oh, and other audience Internet usage data. »

A case for why Twitter should have an editorial framework to weed out disinformation »

Want to read the latest New Yorker story from Jonathan Franzen online? Gotta "Like It" first: »

Like Radiolab? Check out this cool "sonic gallery" from the NYT showing the sounds behind the show »

Sports owners, journalism and business: Why two NBA team owners say they don’t need the media »

Bloomberg BusinessWeek launches its iPad app for $2.99, a bet on monthly access over single copies »

Stat: 8 hours and 11 minutes. That’s the average daily time we spend consuming media. It’s up from 2001 »

Is the Bing! iPad app secretly a news app? »

"The BBC should push on standards that make the web a better place" »

A team of investigative journalists are using to fund a series on the media’s decline in SF »

The NYTimes is investing more in, including 200 new sites and a new homepage »

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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
As social platforms falter for news, a number of nonprofit outlets are rethinking distribution for impact and in-person engagement.
Radio Ambulante launches its own record label as a home for its podcast’s original music
“So much of podcast music is background, feels like filler sometimes, but with our composers, it never is.”
How uncritical news coverage feeds the AI hype machine
“The coverage tends to be led by industry sources and often takes claims about what the technology can and can’t do, and might be able to do in the future, at face value in ways that contribute to the hype cycle.”