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Why do people share misinformation about Covid-19? Partly because they’re distracted
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May 19, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: BBC ways of verifying reader content, Biblion and magazine apps, Bilton and Keller spar on Twitter

The Atlantic Wire may continue its experiment editing out in the open #HowTheBlogSausageisMade »

How should you verify user generated content? Here’s how the BBC does it »

“They no longer have to store 57 years — 682 issues — of Playboy under their mattress” »

How’s this for an interactive graphic: Slate’s guide to Gen. David Petraeus’ medals, ribbons and stars »

Developers jump on this: USA Today has released a Census API »

Duke University’s Reporter Lab is looking for a developer to create tools for investigative journalism »

With apps like Flipboard and Zite should publishers worry about audience and advertiser loyalty? »

The FCC is planning a chat with Google, Apple and others over location tracking on smartphones »

PSA: The Atlantic is looking for an editor to lead a new site and work with Richard Florida »

Is it time to establish rules of etiquette for posting other people’s stuff online? »

Your brain on Twitter: The NYT’s Nick Bilton and Bill Keller exchanged words over the value of Twitter »

The Online Journalism Awards are now open for entries »

Yahoo is also getting in the online video news game with it’s "Trending Now" series »

Maybe newspapers ability to link is a CMS issue, not a philosophical one »

A new study of social media in the news finds that almost 50% of journalists use Twitter as a source »

The New York Public Library’s Biblion app may be a new model for magazine apps »

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Why do people share misinformation about Covid-19? Partly because they’re distracted
Plus: Misinformation around Black Lives Matter protests and an analysis of the most-shared COVID-19 misinformation in Europe.
Tribune can buy more time by selling more control to Alden Global Capital
The vulture fund may be just fine with waiting a bit longer to make its next move to consolidate the local newspaper industry. Meanwhile, newsrooms wait.
A year and a half in, The Juggernaut challenges mainstream media’s coverage of South Asians
“The fastest growing demographic in America right now is Asian Americans and, more specifically, South Asian Americans. But when you look at the media coverage that we have, it’s disproportionately low.”