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Doing a little word puzzle as the world burns
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May 26, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Links on Twitter: HuffPost goes to Canada, TPM taunts NYSE

How to win the New Yorker cartoon caption contest: Be in New York »

Why every student should learn journalism skills »

“Words like ‘local’ and ‘niche’ characterize Dallas-Fort Worth media the way keratin defines a Texas longhorn.” »

PSA: @NYMag is hiring a social-media manager »

TPM got a C&D notice from the New York Stock Exchange after running a wire photo of the trading floor »

Reuters: Morgan Stanley will allow a test group of brokers to start tweeting next month »

The Huffington Post launches HuffPost Canada »

The Boston Globe is getting in on the Groupon competition »

The @FreeNYTimes feed appears to be shut »

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Doing a little word puzzle as the world burns
“I started playing word games as a way to stop reading the news first thing in the morning.”
“Puzzles pair well with reading the news”: Why news outlets are getting into games (again)
“Some subscribers would rather game than sift through the wreckage. Can you blame them?”
Axios sells for $525 million, to a company that seemed to be getting out of the media business
Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises has spent the past decade selling off most of its media properties as it brings in billions from cable. So why dive back in?