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Newsonomics: There’s no Knight in shining armor coming to rescue McClatchy
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June 24, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Gothamist looks for a longform writer, Winklevoss twins try Facebook again, MailOnline gains on is taking an anti-virus approach to tracking the social information you share online »

Want a fast recap on this year’s #NewsChallenge? @c4fcm has the winners lightning talks »

comScore says the UK’s MailOnline is gaining ground on for the No.1 news site »

A joke gone sideways: WaPo’s PostLocal says thanks for the RTs, but go pay for the paper »

Just kidding! Winklevoss twins are bringing another suit against Facebook, after saying they were done. »

PSA: Want to live in Miami? Like supporting journalism? The Knight Foundation is hiring #jobs »

The @RJI has announced the new class of Reynolds Journalism fellows »

Exciting news! @niemanstory is collaborating with @alexismadrigal & @longreads: "Why’s This So Good?" »

In four years mobile ads for local business will be $2.8 billion, making it 70% of all mobile ads »

Gothamist is getting into the long form game and offering a $5,000 bounty for their first writer »

Could Twitter finally be putting promoted Tweets in users steams? »

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Newsonomics: There’s no Knight in shining armor coming to rescue McClatchy
But Alden Global Capital would be happy to lend a hand. Plus: When a standstill isn’t really a standstill.
Coronavirus responses highlight how humans are hardwired to dismiss facts that don’t fit their worldview
“It is Fauci’s profession of amazement that amazes me. As well-versed as he is in the science of the coronavirus, he’s overlooking the well-established science of ‘anti-science bias,’ or science denial.”
Why do people share misinformation about Covid-19? Partly because they’re distracted
Plus: Misinformation around Black Lives Matter protests and an analysis of the most-shared COVID-19 misinformation in Europe.