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There are a gazillion new impeachment podcasts. Smart strategy or a blind stab at relevance?
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July 22, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Google+ boots businesses, newspapers launch re-branding campaign, Condé partners with Adobe

Is Netflix trying to kill the DVD? People panicked when Apple ditched the floppy drive, at first »

‘@JosephStash is doing an excellent job tracking the Oslo explosions on Storify »

“Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss’ legal crusade against Facebook has finally come to an end” — for the third time »

Congrats! MT @dansinker: Thrilled to announce I’ll be joining Mozilla to head up the Knight-Mozilla News Partnership: »

Khoi Vinh says publishers need to start designing for the mobile web, not building “replica apps” »

Condé Nast and Adobe are partnering to define a new set of metrics for digital content »

Remember “Got Milk?” This is like that, but for the newspaper industry »

YouTube is starting to look like a TV network »

Google is kicking out corporate accounts on Google+ »

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There are a gazillion new impeachment podcasts. Smart strategy or a blind stab at relevance?
Plus: The New York Times thinks you’re a nobody, Spotify wants you to Discover Podcasts Weekly, and a U.K. election sparks a mini-boom.
Newsonomics: As McClatchy teeters, a new set of money men enters the news industry spotlight
The nation’s second-largest newspaper company had paid off most of its old debt and still generates positive cashflow. But it might head to bankruptcy anyway so investors can get paid.
Paywalls can be a big lift for smaller publishers. Here’s how the Shawnee Mission Post is thriving two years in
“Things that were on the fires-and-car-accident side of things would get a lot of pageviews, but didn’t seem to have lasting impact on the way that people live their lives around here.”