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How do exclusive podcasts fit into the forever war between Apple and Spotify?
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July 19, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Internet users trust more, Time introduces iPad access to subscribers and accusations of US phone hacking

An American PR group is accusing a reporter of phone hacking its conference calls»

News Challenge winner OpenCourt balances a victim’s privacy with the 1st Amendment »

Time magazine is the latest to include iPad access in the print subscription »

The “Page One” filmmakers interviewed author Sarah Ellison on the mind of Murdoch »

Esquire’s Chris Jones with the latest installment of “Why’s this so good?” over at @niemanstory »

MT @Poynter: Your 5-minute guide to News Corp. phone hacking scandal: »

Seven days of work with just a Chromebook: “It was the best of devices; it was the worst of devices” »

The Murdochs are before Parliament now »

Interesting dive into Pew’s study on social media: Internet users are much more trusting. via @mathewi »

@joshuatopolsky‘s next project is called The Verge: »

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How do exclusive podcasts fit into the forever war between Apple and Spotify?
Plus: Anger at Amazon, a Q&A with Rose Eveleth, and we may have reached Peak “Peak Podcast.”
By running unwitting PR for Jeffrey Epstein, Forbes shows the risks of a news outlet thinking like a tech platform
If journalists want to criticize the anything-goes ethos of Facebook, it’s only fair to note when news organizations’ hunger for scale leads them down the same problematic path.
Can’t read just one: Slate’s daily advice columns are strange, funny, deep, and increasingly a major traffic driver for the site
“We probably won’t do twincest again.”