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“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
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July 29, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: World Almanac 2.0, Longshot #2

Move over, Spaghetti Western! Here is a Cereal Western. About Marshall McLuhan. (via @jonathanstray) »

RT @longshotmag: And this issue’s theme? »

PSA: @TheAtlantic is looking for an associate editor for its Business channel »

WANT. RT @fmanjoo: A Desk That Lets You Sit or Stand. My @Slate video on my @GeekDesk, which I love love love. »

There’s now a section of the Google+ center dedicated to the project’s feature updates »

Tablet and mobile now account for 22% of the FT’s web traffic (and 15% of new subscriptions) »

Rock the Kayak? Google introduces hotel search »

RT @marcfrons: Times Skimmer now has full-screen photo slideshows. They look amazing: »

Sometimes the best way to explain something is through an old-school Q&A (via @NYT_JenPreston) »

Awesomeness, via @tcarmody: A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things »

The World Almanac of the future: portable, data-driven, and produced by a news org »

.@Stevebuttry: “Is it better to be first or right?” isn’t the right question »

Are hyperlocals changing the anonymity equation? »

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“The way we raise the money at The Guardian is different than any place I’ve ever been”
“This is truly a jointly owned responsibility among the business side and editorial.”
What’s with the rise of “fact-based journalism”?
“To describe one form of journalism as ‘fact-based’ is to tacitly acknowledge that there is also such a thing as ‘non-fact-based journalism.’ And there isn’t.”
Britney Spears and the generational shift in celebrity coverage
“There was just this nastiness that emerged in the way celebrities were covered in the 2000s.”