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The Kansas City Defender is a nonprofit news site for young Black audiences across the Midwest
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Aug. 29, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Read later on Pulse, journalists on Linkedin and a phone hacking how-to

RT @twitterglobalpr: Last night at 10:35pm ET, Beyonce’s big MTV #VMA moment gave Twitter a record bump: 8,868 Tweets per second. »

Uh, handy? You too can learn how to phone hack, News of the World style. »

PSA: CNN is looking for a mobile editor »

Does the NY Times need to create, or partner with, a Quora-esque site? »

"Apple needs more than just an advocate for media, creativity and the liberal arts now; it needs a champion" »

In trying to find a way to look back at 9/11, @NYMag created a 9/11 Encyclopedia »

You know you are a hardcore journalist when you carry 2 iPhones. CNN’s Don Lemon does »

PSA: American Public Media is looking for a senior mobile developer in Oakland »

There is life after Flip cams. And it includes grilled cheese sandwiches »

The Internet Archive has curated more than 3000 hours of TV coverage from the day of 9/11 »

New survey says journalists are flocking to Linkedin. Looking for sources, or job leads? »

Did you check out @NYTLive for Irene coverage? @Lexinyt wants your feedback »

RT @WSJ: Say goodbye to the paywall (temporarily): is free for the rest of the day. »

Pulse is getting into the delayed reading game with "Save to Pulse" »

Eric Schmidt shares his thoughts on Google+ and Google’s pro-identity stance »

What do ebooks need to grow? More sharing, more free samples and cheaper reading devices »

Half of adults online in the US use social networks. And that means more Boomers too »

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The Kansas City Defender is a nonprofit news site for young Black audiences across the Midwest
“We do advocate against the racist function of policing, [but] we focus equally on being present in the community, doing poetry nights, basketball park takeovers, and other community-building, life-affirming activities.”
Cable news has a much bigger effect on America’s polarization than social media, study finds
“Compared to online audiences, partisan TV news consumers tend not to stray too far from their narrow sets of preferred news sources.”
Doing a little word puzzle as the world burns
“I started playing word games as a way to stop reading the news first thing in the morning.”