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I’m a media reporter and a diehard Swiftie. I don’t cover Taylor, but here’s how I wish someone would
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Aug. 5, 2011, 6 p.m.

Links on Twitter: Wikipedia losing contributors, The Guardian makes Shorts and the westward spread of Newspapers

Waitaminute… @TheOnion is testing a paywall for overseas readers? »

Happy birthday world wide web! A slideshow tribute, courtesy of Slate »

The NYTimes editorial page hacked! Inner secrets revealed! »

A snapshot of which publishers are in or out with Apple’s new subscription policies »

Shades of John King’s magic board: A map of Android, iPhone and BlackBerry usage across the states »

PSA: Like the sun? Radio? Southern California Public Radio is looking for a digital managing editor »

How cool (or sad?) is this: A data visualization of the growth of newspapers in the US since 1690 »

TimesPeople’s not dead, it’s only sleeping! NYT preparing new networking and comments platform »

One case for shaking up keyword Internet searches for something smarter »

Salute your shorts: The Guardian is launching a series of eBooks called Guardian Shorts »

Do the Snoopy dance! Peanuts is getting relaunched on eBooks, apps and games »

The NewsBeast saw some declines in traffic in the last year. Will the site merger fix it? »

Wikipedia is trying to streamline its editing process out of fear of losing contributors »

Can Twitter do something about promoted trends running against unwanted #hastags? »

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I’m a media reporter and a diehard Swiftie. I don’t cover Taylor, but here’s how I wish someone would
She’s a billionaire, transforming the music industry in real time. Few living celebrities have her scale of cultural influence. Shouldn’t someone be, at least, attempting to look without fear or favor to see if she’s keeping her side of the street clean?
How the Kennedy assassination helped make network TV news wealthy
Until the early 1960s, TV news was seen as a loss leader.
Are public media podcasts facing a “Moneyball” moment?
In an era where the “easy money” is gone, celebrity sluggers are beyond reach, and commercial outfits are pulling back, public radio orgs can win by leaning into data and ideas that helped them create the art form.