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Archives: December 2012

“They can be a leader in their communities by engaging audiences, moderating forums, holding events and curating round table discussion.” Mark Katches
“Data was the star in 2012 and will continue to be big in 2013.” Amy Schmitz Weiss
The app now makes it easier to save articles from sites that require subscription or registration. Justin Ellis
“One thing that’s clear is that local journalism, when produced by full-time, professional journalists, is expensive — possibly too expensive to justify the revenues for many kinds of stories.” David Hirschman and Laura Rich
“If an article page was a place that did not offer us 300 navigation choices and 25 butt-ugly ads, but instead provided several appealing doorways to a diverse selection of high-quality content, what would be the result?” Mindy McAdams
“2013 will be a unique snapshot in time: the incumbents, fighting to stave off the disruptors, will invest in original journalism, and the disruptors, fighting to increase their market share, will also invest in original journalism.” David Skok
“It’s reporting that seeks to build context and community around a politically and emotionally charged subject. It is journalism that engages in meaningful conversation.” Laura Amico
“What is needed are newsrooms that can filter, verify, curate, and amplify social media for their audiences, in addition to journalists reporting in enterprising and contextual ways.” Michael Maness
“You may get satisfaction but you probably won’t get everything you want where you want it — even if you’re willing to pay — in 2013.” Staci D. Kramer