Nieman Foundation at Harvard
The Copa, Euro, and Wimbledon finals collide on July 14. Here’s how The Athletic is preparing for its “biggest day ever.”
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Archives: May 11, 2017

“We do so many amazing things digitally with things like 360 video and VR and interactives and animation. The idea with this was to do something for print that felt equally special.”
“Como organización hacemos muchas cosas maravillosas en nuestra plataforma digital, como por ejemplo los videos 360 y la realidad virtual, con animaciones interactivas. La idea con esto era hacer algo que se sintiera igual de especial”.
Using its Crowd Newsroom platform, the German nonprofit teamed up with Ruhr Nachrichten, the daily newspaper in the city of Dortmund, to get residents to enter information on canceled classes in schools.
“For every mom that signs up, they’re gonna sign up their spouse or partner.”