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Journalists are burned out. Some newsrooms are fighting back.
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Archives: December 14, 2018

“Local news organizations should become a driving force for better online public discourse, because Facebook and Twitter aren’t cutting it.” Marie Shanahan
“If we do it right, users benefit from a feedback loop that helps make our work more valuable and relevant to them. And no journalist ever again has to wear their clunky CMS as a badge of honor.” Eric Ulken
“That will make journalists as important as ever, though it may not mean there are as many journalism jobs to go around.” Carl Bialik
“Local news is fluid and not fixed.” Amy Schmitz Weiss
“And when we start treating people not as consumers but as constituents, we’ll find new ideas, new allies and new resources to reverse the downward spiral in local journalism and restore the public’s trust in the news.” Mike Rispoli and Craig Aaron
“Next year will bring more problems, and with those problems a desire by news consumers for more solutions.” Alyssa Zeisler
“We will stop asking ourselves, ‘Are we a media company or a tech company?’ and find that the distinction is arbitrary. A truly collaborative company will be a new species altogether.” Rebecca Searles
“Revenue flows almost solely to the platforms and ‘time-honored’ media brands.” Peter Bale
“It turns out that people — well, lots of people, anyway — are hungry for substance. Our attention spans are quite intact, ready, and willing.” John Biewen
Tribune Publishing wants to sell at a higher price, but it will likely have trouble finding someone willing to pay it.