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After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
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Archives: December 2020

“What, where, and when a crisis began becomes much harder to pinpoint if underlying conditions already form layers of crises.” Candis Callison
“Calling 2020 a black swan takes away from the fact that COVID-19 and the misinformation surrounding it were utterly predictable.” AX Mina
“What general-market local newsrooms fail to understand is that readership is inextricably tied to representation.” Aaron Foley
“What if every piece of journalism helped the public understand whether old or new power dynamics and values were at play?” Jennifer Brandel
“We were told we weren’t ready, we didn’t have enough experience, we didn’t have the right experience, we weren’t a good culture fit. or we were too radical. And then 2020 happened.” Julia B. Chan and Kim Bui
“Twentieth-century America held tightly to the illusion that there’s no gap between objectivity and justice. For better or worse, those days are over, and only an act of deep historical amnesia can bring them back.” C.W. Anderson
“Political journalism needs to wean itself from right-wing agitators and call this period what it is: an erosion of democracy and attempts to radicalize large chunks of the electorate.” j. Siguru Wahutu
“Truth is more than a collection of facts; it’s a mechanism for belonging.” Zizi Papacharissi
“Again and again, we found that the most damaging misinformation narratives started as local rumors, memes, and misleading photos — repackaged and reshared across the country.” Shaydanay Urbani and Nancy Watzman
“Six-figure Substack incomes and subscriber numbers sure sound great, but they’re not the only ends to the means.” Delia Cai