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Why “Sorry, I don’t know” is sometimes the best answer: The Washington Post’s technology chief on its first AI chatbot
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Archives: December 15, 2020

“Let’s be honest: Crime coverage is terrible. It’s racist, classist, fear-based clickbait masking as journalism.” Tauhid Chappell and Mike Rispoli
“These boxes are important. They slice neatly through the myth that data telling must be bound to programming. Do you have some boxes? Some paint? You can visualize data.” Jer Thorp
“It’s not just about what reporters need for a story, or what journalists think they need from our communities — it’s about what communities need and deserve from journalists.” Amara Aguilar
“In the mind of the public, disinformation is a series of endlessly creative and unpredictable attacks by unknown actors. In reality, much of what flies around is pretty predictable.” Mike Caulfield
“Traditional narratives assume that publishing online and in print require different workflows, file formats, and so on. But do they?” Basile Simon
“Service journalism is a way to build bridges with even our fiercest critics by giving them the information they need to navigate daily life.” Mandy Jenkins
“Reward journalism that provides real and unique value to your audience, instead of journalism that chases competitors or feeds your ego but does little for your community.” Laura E. Davis
“The people who run and rely upon basic community institutions will increasingly recognize how much they rely upon a common understanding of objective truth.” Matt DeRienzo
Some clubs have seen an increase in signups since the pandemic began in March.