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Business Insider’s owner signed a huge OpenAI deal. ChatGPT still won’t credit the site’s biggest scoops
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Archives: December 2023

“There will be silver linings to The Great Robot Spam Flood of 2024.” Andrew Golis
“One of the biggest growth areas for journalism in the coming year is one that none of us would wish for — the journalism of the displaced.” Lynette Clemetson
“Reporters and editors have unconscious biases. In the case of trans people, that often manifests in worrying more about people who may mistakenly identify as trans — and regret that decision — than about the challenges that trans people face.” Gina Chua
“For an increasing subset of readers, ‘articles’ will be as invisible as CSS code.” Bassey Etim
“It’s time to get real with people. They don’t want to hear the debate between two rival sects of increasingly unaccountable rich people, especially when neither of them is living a life that has anything to do with their daily lived experiences.” Ben Collins
“The reality is that people of color in the U.S. are more likely to turn to TV news for local information than they are newspapers or digital-first local news.” Nikki Usher
“We must accept that the beautifully written 10,000-word piece will only reach certain kinds of audiences — those most willing to sit at a desktop and take the time necessary to read it.” Sumi Aggarwal
“Misinformation is the new norm, Black culture is the American mainstream, and we, like any other community, are owed a chance of knowing the truth.” Dominic-Madori Davis
“Civic dialogue in news promotes the next level of public service journalism.” Sarah Glover
“Attend that academic conference, that legal convention, or that public health convening where you don’t know anyone.” Leezel Tanglao