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The California Journalism Preservation Act would do more harm than good. Here’s how the state might better help news
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Archives: December 2023

“If one newspaper is not enough in a county of a few hundred people, a handful of newspapers is unacceptable in a county of almost 10 million.” Gabe Schneider
“News product thinkers are the ones who can connect the dots between technology, journalism, and business.” Felicitas Carrique
“Today’s dominant online revenue model has consumers trading their attention for free content. This model can’t work if my AI agent’s priority is to defend my time.” Javaun Moradi
“Of course I don’t trust the news media collectively, or automatically. I trust some brands some of the time.” Charlie Beckett
“As a reader, I love the idea of being able to check out a publication without signing myself up for future re-engagement campaigns.” Meena Thiruvengadam
“Create joint ventures or partnerships with news organizations that already know and serve these audiences.” Benjamin Morales Meléndez
“Diversity without support for marginalized journalists and their free speech is a hollow victory.” Janelle Salanga
“When a crisis comes knocking, people turn to journalism to make better decisions. This is what is happening with the climate emergency.” Moreno Cruz Osório
“Rather than add to the list (although I do have a growing list), I thought I’d offer predictions devoid of AI.” David Cohn
“These speculative topics align with Virdee’s previous focus areas and the current trends in media and technology, offering plausible directions for his 2024 prediction.” Kawandeep Virdee