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Worldwide, news publishers face a “platform reset”
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Articles by Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky is project lead on The Coral Project.
“We don’t have to become influencers ourselves, but we can learn vital lessons from those who have elevated community-centered content to an art form.”
“This new type of app isn’t a platform itself but instead pulls together various platform and content streams to offer a single, seamless networked experience.”
“It would be understandable for journalists to retreat altogether from engaging with people online, in an attempt at self protection. This would however help these antagonists achieve their goals of undermining trust in journalism and reporting.”
“If we want people to stand up for our journalism, and to trust us again, we need to bring them closer to our work, to learn more about them, and to offer a range of ways to have a meaningful impact on what we do.”
“The focus will shift from ‘Say anything, whoever you are’ to ‘How can our most dedicated readers contribute — to the debate, to the reporting, to the work of our journalists?'”