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Journalism has become ground zero for the vocation crisis
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Articles by Basile Simon

Basile Simon is a hacker/journalist at BBC News Labs.
“Ethical considerations will be the compass guiding these partnerships, weaving together the principles of truth, accuracy, and public interest from journalism, the expertise of NGOs, and the commitment to fairness and accountability from legal initiatives.”
“I eagerly await the large ‘merchants of truth,’ news organizations that trade on their production of accurate records, marketing their ability to establish provenance and unbroken integrity, from capture to their client’s screen.”
“Traditional narratives assume that publishing online and in print require different workflows, file formats, and so on. But do they?”
“Developers and programmers seem to agonize in similar ways over being promoted away from what they do best — writing code and building things.”
“Mass surveillance, interception, and metadata collection is all around the Internet, and HTTPS is the first step we must take to make our readers feel secure.”