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Articles by Cory Haik

Cory Haik is publisher of Mic.
“That new franchise you’re building, that podcast, the video series: Who is it for? What need is it serving? What will the audience do with it? Do they really want it, need it? Or are we just trying to keep their attention long enough for the ad to serve?”
“Going forward, we will resource and produce articles, videos, and now Stories as our third core output. This is a significant and required shift in order to actually meet the audience where they are.”
“The winners will be the ones who have built a meaningful journalistic report that transcends, and likely capitalizes on, the platform moment.”
“Welcome to fear and loathing in Trump’s America. Fear and loathing not only by the American citizenry, but also by the media whose job it is to cover him.”
“Publishers need a few things for this to be of real value: good analytics, monetization mechanisms, product development partners, and fresh ideas on how to create content that is native to the platforms.”
“Purely chasing pageviews is a fool’s errand. In the short term, it gets you a bigger comScore number. But those calories are empty.”
“Experimenting live — just doing it — is the best way to learn,” a Post editor says.
“Now is the time to push the boundaries and use the best of those worlds in the service of storytelling.”