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Articles by Eric Nuzum

Eric Nuzum is senior vice president for original content development at Audible.
“Remember all those pivots to video? The same thing will happen to podcasting.”
“I struggle to find a single example of a podcast company that’s been acquired in the past few years that has thrived under its new ownership.”
“Creating knockoffs is the wrong approach, and there’s a ton of it happening now. It’s riding the momentum of the podcast boom without actually contributing much to it.”
“The notion that a network is going to spot raw talent and scoop it up, making you wealthy (or at least wealthy by podcast standards) and famous (or at least famous by podcast standards) is a myth.”
“Audio producers and networks aren’t prepared for the reality that the next generation of listeners will bear little resemblance to past audiences.”
“My fear is that the ecosystem we have invested in all these years will start to resemble the vanity publishing marketplace or the guy selling CDs out of the trunk of his car after gigs: a place that’s easy to publish into, but rarely yields a significant audience.”